In memory of José María Sarriegi

Our colleague and friend José María Sarriegi sadly passed away on 9th December 2018 following a tragic accident.

We are thinking of his family, his team at TECNUN and his students with deepest sympathy and wish them strength at this profoundly sad time.

José María Sarriegi, or ‘Sarri’, as we knew him, co-ordinated the Smart Mature Resilience project from 2015-2018, which became a formally recognised ‘success story’, in close collaboration with the SMR project partners and reaching cities and scientists across Europe and beyond.

Sarri was an exceptional person and professional, motivating and encouraging the group with empathy and patience and creating a spirit of trust and respect. Sarri was an expert and champion of city resilience, and his motivation, conviction and commitment resonated far beyond those lucky enough to work with him.

We wish Sarri’s family and team resilience in the face of this shocking tragedy and are grateful to have known him. He will be sadly missed.

About SMR

Smart Mature Resilience was a European-funded multi-disciplinary research project that concluded in 2018 following three years of co-creation, sharing, learning and resilience-building.

The project has been acclaimed for an exceptionally successful implementation, in particular the European Resilience Management Guideline comprising a toolbox of five well-integrated tools, supported by user manuals and video tutorials and developed iteratively and validated through a remarkable co-creation process with the project end users. The consortium also achieved a high impact, for instance through a network of engaged city users with various plans for local use of the tools in future.

European Resilience Management Guideline



City resilience


The CEN Workshop Agreement Series on City Resilience Development intends to support cities in building resilience to various kinds of threats. 

Co-creating city resilience

The Tools

The European Resilience Management Guideline is supported by five resilience-building tools, which were co-created as part of the SMR project. 


Resilience Maturity Model  



Risk Systemicity Questionnaire


City Resilience Dynamics Model


Resilience Information Portal


Resilience Building Policies




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.