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Smart Mature Resilience is a multi-disciplinary research project working for more resilient cities in Europe. Researchers and cities come together to enhance cities’ capacity to resist, absorb and recover from the hazardous effects of climate change. 

The Tools

Risk Systemicity Questionnaire

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Resilience Maturity Model

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Resilience Engagement and Communication Tool 

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Latest outputs

Resilience Maturity Model online

The Resilience Maturity Model provides a common understanding of the resilience building process. Using the Resilience Maturity Model, CITIES are asked to consider CITY’s current status of resilience. The model then helps to identify the correct policies to implement in order for the CITY to evolve and move to the next maturity stage.

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Latest research

Policy Brief

The first SMR policy brief summarizes the key points to be articulated to policymakers to follow from the Smart Mature Resilience project. The policy brief presents the following main issue statements:

  •  European cities need to become more resilient
  •  Holistic assessment and decision-making in cities can enhance resilience in Europe

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Latest News

Strathclyde team wins Springer Best Paper Award at Stuttgart Group Decision and Negotiation conference

4 September 2017

The Smart Mature Resilience team from the University of Strathclyde was awarded "Best Paper" at the Group Decision and Negotiation conference in Stuttgart from 14-18 August 2017, a major international management science and group decision conference. The awarded paper was authored by Colin Eden, Igor Pyrko, and Susan Howick and is entitled ‘Knowledge Acquisition Using Group Support Systems’. The paper describes the work undertaken to gather data for the construction of the Risk Systemicity Quesionnaire (RSQ) as part of the SMR project, which involved a new approach for using a Group Support System for research.

Upcoming events

Stakeholder Dialogue

Registration has now opened for the SMR Stakeholder Dialogue in Thessaloniki, Greece on 7th November 2017.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.