About SMR

Smart Mature Resilience is a multi-disciplinary research project working for more resilient cities in Europe. Researchers and cities come together to enhance cities’ capacity to resist, absorb and recover from the hazardous effects of climate change. 

The Tools

The European Resilience Management Guideline is supported by five tools:

Resilience Maturity Model
Resilience Building Policies
Resilience Information Portal
City Resilience Dynamics Model
Risk Systemicity Questionnaire

Latest outputs

SMR Final City Conference 2018 Gallery

Smart Mature Resilience Final City Conference

Latest News

Can standardization be useful for climate adaptation?

9 May 2018

The vast majority of commercial products you might encounter on a daily basis have had to pass a variety of standards, from the materials they are composed of, the shape, the packaging and instructions, to the machines that produce them. Most commonly associated with health and safety regulations, and technical equipment such as screws and mobile phone chargers, standardization is becoming increasingly relevant to people-centred processes, such as management. Just as standardizing a mobile phone charger ensures high quality and means that it can be used transferably with many different mobile phones, standardization of soft processes supports collaboration as part of much more complex processes. 

Latest events

SMR City Resilience Conference

24 April 2018
Bonn, Germany

The final event for the cities of the Smart Mature Resilience project took place on 24th April 2018, back to back with Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities. The event was designed to bring together the four tiers of the Smart Mature Resilience project.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.