Review Workshop 1





Lead Partner

ICLEI European Secretariat


Clara Grimes, Vasileios Latinos (ICLEI European Secretariat)


Susan Howick, Colin Eden, Igor Pyrko (University of Strathclyde)

Mihoko Sakurai, Tim A. Majchrzak (CIEM)

The first review workshop of the Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) project took place on 21st September 2016 in Kristiansand (Norway). The workshop focused on gathering feedback from the pilot tools testing process and collecting input on social media integration and scenarios for the Resilience Portal, which is integral part of the Community Engagement and Communication Tool.

At the workshop, the cities provided feedback on the pilot implementation of the Community Engagement and Communication Tool; following a presentation of the tool, an overview of the testing process was provided. The core cities of Kristiansand, Glasgow and San Sebastian/Donostia then provided feedback on the pilot implementation activities in their cities, and the Tier 2 cities of Vejle, Bristol, Rome and Riga provided feedback on their peer-reviewing process. The cities and a local stakeholder from the fire department participated in interactive group exercises on creating goals for social media integration and creating scenarios for the Resilience Portal, integral part of the Community Engagement and Communication Tool.

The previous day, on the 20th September 2016, the University of Strathclyde organized and conducted a session aiming to provide feedback from the cities on the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire. This feedback wil be used during the subsequent pilot implementation of the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire (Months 17-22).

The aim of this report is to explain the execution of the workshop, describing the activities carried out and the obtained results. First, the organisational and preparation issues, which took place in relation to the workshop are presented, including the invitation to the workshop, the agenda setting, and associated issues. Second, the main results from the exercises developed within the workshop are described. More detailed information on the exercises will be presented in the project deliverable 4.3 in WP4. These exercises were developed to receive feedback from experts from the cities and develop the preliminary versions of the maturity model, the risk assessment questionnaire and the engagement tool. Finally, the evaluation and lessons learnt from the workshop are presented.

The exercise results from the workshop have helped to provide a better and improved definition of the policies that need to be implemented in the specific stages of the city-resilience maturity model, which is one of the main tool that are being developed throughout the SMR project lifespan. These results are useful to understand better the dynamics of building resilience in European cities.











This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.