List of Relevant Stakeholders




Lead Partner

ICLEI European Secretariat


Julia Peleikis, Vasileios Latinos, Alberto Terenzi (ICLEI European Secretariat)


City of Kristiansand, City of Donostia/San Sebastian, City of Glasgow

This report takes stock of the first activities developed in the framework of Work Package (WP) 5 of the SMR Project, i.e. the WP dedicated to tool testing with and to exchange between the cities that are part of the SMR Consortium. In particular, during the first project year, ICLEI European Secretariat, in close cooperation with the three tier-1 cities (i.e. Kristiansand, San Sebastian/Donostia and Glasgow) and their respective research partners (i.e. CIEM, TECNUN and the University of Strathclyde) organized three ‘Kick-off Workshops’ in Kristiansand, Donostia/San Sebastian and Glasgow (the latter is scheduled to take place after publication of this report, in June 2016). The workshops gathered the most relevant stakeholders of each tier-1 city, presenting the project goals and outputs, introducing participants to the project’s resilience management approach, and de facto kick starting the pilot implementation of the tools in the tier-1 cities.

During each workshop, information about stakeholder engagement and communication in each tier-1 city was gathered through group exercises on stakeholder mapping and communication for the security sectors (i.e. crucial sectors of operation, related to critical infrastructure and preparedness) selected by each of the tier-1 cities. As a result, ICLEI collected information about the most relevant stakeholders for the security sectors of each tier-1 cities and prepared three stakeholder lists that were later complemented by the respective cities and will be used throughout the SMR project and in particular in preparation of and during the pilot implementation of the SMR tools.

This document is structured in four main parts. After a short introduction of the main activities of WP 5 and of the security sectors that were selected by the Tier-1 cities, the stakeholder lists identified for each of the three cities are presented. Following each stakeholder list, a preliminary assessment of communication to stakeholders in each of the cities is presented.











This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.