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City resilience through standardization: SMR presents to standardization committee

1 June 2017

The SMR project has presented its tools and standardization activities to the plenary meeting today in Berlin of ISO/TC 268: Sustainable cities and communities. The project's tools and the standardization potential for city resilience were presented by Holger Robrecht (ICLEI Europe), Vasileios Latinos (ICLEI Europe) and Rene Lindner (DIN). Standardization in the field of Sustainable Cities and Communities will include the development of requirements, frameworks, guidance and supporting techniques and tools related to the achievement of sustainable development considering smartness and resilience, to help all Cities and Communities and their interested parties in both rural and urban areas become more sustainable.

The proposed series of International Standards will encourage the development and implementation of holistic and integrated approaches to sustainable development and sustainability. TC 268 will contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its standardization work.

As part of SMR’s standardization work, the project has identified the following standards particularly relevant for resilient cities are:

- ISO 37101: aims at helping cities and communities to better coordinate participatory development and implementation of a local sustainability programme. The standard supports good governance by describing a coherent, community-based management approach. A practical guidance for cities on practical implementation is under development (ISO 37104).

- ISO 37120: recommends a selection of indicators for local reporting on life-quality. The selection is voluntary and based on local priorities.

- ISO 37150: provides a reference framework for “Smart urban infrastructures” based on ISO 22325, ISO 22316 and BS 65000 Organizational Resilience.

SMR supports the dissemination and mainstreaming of resilience by engaging in standardization activities with DIN to create a standard for resilience management.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.