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Resilience Building Policies Handbook


Author: Igor Pyrko, Susan Howick, Colin Eden, University of Strathclyde


To support “learning from on-going processes through city and cross-regional collaboration”, the purpose of the RBP tool is to offer a portfolio of case studies that provide detailed examples that demonstrate how cities have implemented initiatives to strengthen their city resilience. The examples have been chosen as they exemplify policies included in the associated SMR Resilience Maturity Model (RMM) tool. The RBP is intended to be used together with the RMM and the case studies included in the RBP illustrate, in a practical way, the formulation and implementation of the policies included in the RMM. The practicality of these case studies is ensured by providing cases grounded in cities’ real experiences that describe relevant city context, goals, challenges faced by cities, resources required, and the achieved outcomes. The cases included have been gathered from city partners of the SMR project as well as other cities across the world as reported in the literature.

Risk Systemicity Questionnaire Handbook


Author: Igor Pyrko, Susan Howick, Colin Eden, University of Strathclyde, Clara Grimes, ICLEI Europe


The Risk Systemicity Questionnaire seeks to supports cities in “actively understanding the risk landscape” by improving their risk assessment beyond traditional methods through an innovative focus on the interactions between different types of risks. The RSQ has been co-created in close collaboration with representatives of seven European cities, and it presents a range of risk scenarios – perspectives of the future reflecting how one risk might cause others, thus presenting a ‘scenario’ of risks. By exploring a range of risk systemicity scenarios, the user is able to prioritise the high risk areas which may require particular attention. The RSQ enables cities to develop their knowledge of the risk landscape which affects them, thereby developing their resilience.

The aim of this manual is to explain how to use the RSQ.

Maturity Model Handbook


Author: Clara Grimes, ICLEI Europe, Josune Hernantes, Marana, Patricia, Tecnun, University of Navarra


The Resilience Maturity Model is a strategic tool designed to provide cities with a roadmap towards enhanced resilience. It provides a holistic overview of the resilience building process and helps end users to understand resilience as a multidimensional objective. The Maturity Model enables cities to assess their current maturity stage and to identify the policies to implement in order for the city to evolve and move to the next maturity stage. This handbook provides a useful and visually-oriented guide to the Resilience Maturity Model.

Policy brief


Author: Serene Hanania, Clara Grimes, ICLEI Europe

Project deliverable: D7.3

30 May 2017

The first SMR policy brief summarizes the key points to be articulated to policymakers to follow from the Smart Mature Resilience project. The policy brief presents the following main issue statements:

  •  European cities need to become more resilient
  •  Holistic assessment and decision-making in cities can enhance resilience in Europe

Resilience Information Portal Handbook


Author: Mihoko Sakurai, CIEM, University of Agder

Smart Mature Resilience Project Factsheet

European Commission document

2 June 2015

Project information as presented by the European Commission.








This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.