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Infrastructure and resources







Resources allocated to adopt extraordinary infrastructures to face shocks






Develop contingency plans for critical infrastructures



At this stage, critical infrastructure protection measures are being implemented newly. This policy introduces contingency plans for critical infrastructures.



Case studies

Donostia: Development of contingency plans for public and critical services


The Emergency Plan of DSS 2016 has updated the risks analysis and evaluation for the city, as well as critical infrastructures identification, encouraging the development of contingency plans for public and critical services.

Bristol: Researching and assessing critical infrastructure

This case describes a high-level investigation into the resilience of local and critical infrastructure in Bristol that formed part of the process of developing the Preliminary Resilience Assessment (PRA).

Additional case studies

Preparing for Critical Infrastructure Breakdowns: The Limits of Crisis Management and the Need for Resilience


Modern societies are widely considered to harbour an increased propensity for breakdowns of their critical infrastructure (CI) systems. While such breakdowns have proven rather rare, Hurricane Katrina has demonstrated the catastrophic consequences of such breakdowns. This article explores how public authorities can effectively prepare to cope with these rare events. Drawing from the literature on crisis and disaster management, this article examines the strengths and weaknesses of traditional approaches to crisis preparation and crisis response. The authors argue that the established ways of organising for critical decision-making will not suffice in the case of a catastrophic breakdown. In the immediate aftermath of such a breakdown, an effective response will depend on the adaptive behaviour of citizens, front-line workers and middle managers. In this article, the authors formulate a set of strategies that enhance societal resilience and identify the strong barriers to their implementation.

Source: Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management


Disaster preparedness and Business Continuity Planning at Boeing: An integrated model


Boeing, a global company that was affected in a number of unexpected ways, embarked on an approach that separated, yet integrated the Disaster Preparedness Community with the Business Community. The result was a Business Continuity Model that fostered further development of robust Business Continuity Plans to serve employees, customers, stakeholders and community. Facilities professionals, equipped with an understanding of today’s business crisis and the Business Continuity Model, can serve as a partner to their Business Continuity Representative to educate, develop and execute a Business Continuity Plan that ensures business continuance through any unforeseen event

Source: Journal of Facilities Management 

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.