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Resources dedicated to the development of the resilience action plan.







Integrate resilience into visions, policies and strategies for city development plans



Resilience is part of the city's broader and related plans and strategies, for example as a sub-section or as discrete goals and aims related to sectors like climate change education, security, education, social policy or infrastrucuture planning.



Case studies

Decision Support System for Rome Municipal Civil Protection Service


The project is a collaboration agreement between ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies and Sustainable Development) and the Municipal Civil Protection Service to provide city-based technologies, using a risk-based Decision Support System (DSS) and analyzing crisis scenarios resulting from natural events.

Additional case studies

An NGO raising awareness about the needs of local authorities


Underfunded, underprepared, underwater?' asks the report from E3G (Mabey et al., 2014). They aim to raise national governments' awareness of the need to support local authorities in dealing with climate change impacts. Their analysis points to the need for action at national level, showing how unclear responsibilities and lack of funding leave cities unprepared.

Source: EEA, Box 5.8
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Additional sources

Mabey et al., 2014; E3G, 2016.


Building back safer: One year after the Kaohsiung gas explosions


In 2014 Kaohsiung city in Taipei got hit with a series of explosions in underground pipelines due to unplanned development. Afterwards the government decided to build back better and rallied around four key pillars: infrastructure management practises, response mechanisms, strengthen supervision of industry, and to develop reaserch partnerships.

Source: ICLEI


Embedding a low emissions approach into the municipal 5-year development plan


Following a comprehensive multi-stakeholder consultation effort, the Urban-LEDS City of Bogor reviewed its existing spatial planning frameworks and strategically integrated low emission development into its 5-year Development Plan. A comprehensive Strategic Environment Assessment also increased awareness and efforts across the city government for energy efficiency and other low emissions development working areas.

Source: ICLEI
Additional sources: http://urbanleds.iclei.org/index.php?id=188


Integrating greenhouse gas inventories as a decision making tool for informed action


Aiming to develop an effective strategy to address climate change mitigation solutions, Fortaleza used its first GHG Emissions Inventory to complement existing studies for improvements in strategic sectors such as transport, which were later embedded in the city’s Climate Action Plan.

Source: ICLEI



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