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Further reading and relevant links

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Number of awareness raising events targeting CITY stakeholders



Number of trained volunteers






Inform citizens about volunteering opportunities in the local community


Policy description

The local government provides information about different initiatives and activities where they can be involved through the arrangement of workshops, conferences or the city council website. The role volunteering plays in strengthening citizen engagement, social inclusion and building resilient communities is of high importance. It is widely recognised that volunteering opportunities have a positive impact on individuals, organisations and the wider community.

Volunteering seeks to build community well-being, sustainability and respects the dignity of all people; helps tackle social, cultural, economic and environmental issues; and builds a more humane and just society. These initiatives of volunteering refer to activities undertaken independently as an individual to help others (e.g. checking on the wellbeing of an elderly neighbour), or as part of wider community activity in response to an identified issue or need (e.g. care and maintenance of the local environment).



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