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Leadership & Governance


Infrastructure and resources







Resources allocated to improve the reliability of the CI



Level of reliability and flexibility of each specific CI sector

Number of redundant systems-infrastructures per CI sector






Develop measures to increase critical infrastructure redundancy and reliability



At this stage, plans are in place to monitor critical infrastructures' functionality as well as contingency plans for critical infrastructures. This step requires further action and measures to critical infrastructure reliability and redundancy.



Case studies

Decision Support System for Rome Municipal Civil Protection Service


The project is a collaboration agreement between ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies and Sustainable Development) and the Municipal Civil Protection Service to provide city-based technologies, using a risk-based Decision Support System (DSS) and analyzing crisis scenarios resulting from natural events.

Donostia/ San Sebastian: Measures to reduce flooding risks


Urumea Riverside areas of Donostia/ San Sebastián suffered from recurrent flooding. Structural and non-structural measures are being taken to avoid and reduce the impact of flooding, including for example, channelling and improved information and warning systems.

Additional case studies

A Framework to Quantitatively Assess and Enhance the Seismic Resilience of Communities


This paper presents a conceptual framework to define seismic resilience of communities and quantitative measures of resilience that can be useful for a coordinated research effort focusing on enhancing this resilience. This framework relies on the complementary measures of resilience: ‘‘Reduced failure probabilities,’’ ‘‘Reduced consequences from failures,’’ and ‘‘Reduced time to recovery.’’ The framework also includes quantitative measures of the ‘‘ends’’ of robustness and rapidity, and the ‘‘means’’ of resourcefulness and redundancy, and integrates those measures into the four dimensions of community resilience—technical, organizational, social, and economic—all of which can be used to quantify measures of resilience for various types of physical and organizational systems

Source: Earthquake Spectra

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.