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About the Resilience Building policies

The Resilience Building Policies tool complements the SMR Resilence Maturity Model, Risk Systemicity Questionnaire and City Resilience Dynamics model tool by offering a collection of case studies as a reference for cities for further information. The Resilience Building Policies tool shows replicable examples of successful and effective initiatives that cities have taken to build resilience locally and which relate to the policies contained in the Resilience Maturity Model

The Resilience Building Policies tool:

  • Comprises illustrative real case studies of policy implementation in cities
  • Includes references to other sources that provide details of case studies of policy implementation in citites

  • Provides a practical point of reference for cities considering the implementation of related poliices

  • Provides illustrative detail forthe policies in the Maturity Model and the System Dynamics Model

  • Can be navigated conveniently via a dedicated webpage

  • Allows users to add their own examples via the SMR Policy Wiki

  • Supports communication and education, knowledge transfer and replication of use cases

Case study wiki

Cities or other users can submit case studies to this policy. To submit a case study:

1) Log in at www.doowikis.com with the account details provided to you by SMR. If you do not have login details, please subscribe by entering your password below.

2) While logged in, navigate to a policy page to add your case study!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.