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October 2016

RAMSES 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue

Understanding vulnerabilities, assessing economic gains and unlocking the transformative potential of climate adaptation in cities
4 October 2016, 9:00 - 18:00
Rome, Italy
The 3rd RAMSES Stakeholder Dialogue will take place in Rome (Italy), on 4 October 2016. This is the last in a series of three Stakeholder Dialogues organised by the project and represents a unique opportunity for cities and urban adaptation experts and practitioners to benefit from access to the interim results of RAMSES, share their experiences and provide feedback to help guide RAMSES research.

Key questions will be understanding climatic and socio-economic risks and vulnerabilities in cities, assessing the costs and the benefits of different adaptation measures, and exploiting the transformative potential of climate adaptation and unlocking co-benefits.

The input provided by RAMSES experts including the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, the Tyndall Centre at Newcastle University, the London School of Economics and Tecnalia will be shared and discussed with stakeholders in a two-way dialogue. Attendance is free of charge.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.