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November 2016

«Krisehåndtering på vei til «resiliens»

Om et nytt og viktig begrep for samfunnets motstandsdyktighet»
23 November 2016 - 30 November 1999
Arendal, Norway
Jose J Gonzales held a lecture on the topic of community resilience and the Smart Mature Resilience project.

The importance of dealing with emergencies (such as natural disasters or terrorist acts) or chronic social problems (such as racism, oppression of women and social inequality) is coming to increasing prominence in Norway and beyond. Traditional crisis management, based on the analysis of threats and risks, is insufficient.

The English term "resilience" represents a paradigm shift when it comes to dealing with chronic stress or shock (emergencies / disasters). Building "resilience" is beginning to be accepted as Norwegian concept and is central to various disciplines: ecology, health, organizational theory, society's resistance to chronic problems or threats.

The lecture gives an introduction to the concept of resilience and the reasons why there is a momentous change in society's relation to crises and chronic problems. An overview was provided of the EU project (Smart Mature Resilience) where University of Agder and the city of Kristiansand are partners in cooperation with 6 other European cities, three universities and two further organisations (ICLEI and DIN).

The speaker, Professor Jose Julio Gonzalez works for the Department of Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Grimstad. He established the Centre for Integrated Crisis Management in 2011, which is a priority focus for UiA. Gonzalez is the scientific coordinator of Smart Mature Resilience, a major EU project aimed at crisis management.

3rd RAMSES Webinar

Understanding vulnerabilities, assessing economic gains and unlocking the transformative potential of climate adaptation in cities
24 November 2016, 11:00 - 13:00
Building resilience plays a key role in adapting to a changing climate. There remains, however, a lack of knowledge and resources to drive the correct implementation and enable strong climate adaptation policies. In order to meet these needs, the RAMSES project aims to produce scientific outcomes which can support local adaptation decision-making.

The webinar on 24 November 2016 from 11.00 to 13.00 will share the research presented during the 3rd RAMSES Stakeholder Dialogue, which took place on 4 October in Rome (Italy). The main outcomes of the day’s discussion will also be presented.

During the event, the RAMSES web tool will be presented as an information point for cities. The tool is designed to help cities find information on climate change impacts and to explore their options for adapting to climate change and building city resilience.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.