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Subdimensions Advanced
Leadership & Governance Municipality, cross-sectiorial and multi-governance collaboration ( L1 ) ( L1A1 ) Align, integrate and connect the resilience action plan with national plans ( L1A2 ) Develop a plan for a multi-level governance approach involving the municipal, regional and national levels of governance
Legislation development and refinement ( L2 ) ( L2A1 ) Conduct certification processes to achieve conformity with national standards
Learning culture (learning and dissemination) ( L3 ) ( L3A1 ) Formalize the learning process and institutionalize regular debriefing meetings
Resilience action plan development ( L4 ) ( L4A1 ) Develop leading indicators for assessing the performance of the resilience action plan
Preparedness Diagnosis and Assessment ( P1 ) ( P1A1 ) Assess and prioritise risk scenarios and their implications through consideration of risk systemicity (e.g. using Risk Systemicity Questionnaire)
Education and Training ( P2 ) ( P2A1 ) Provide training for citizens and public and private companies ( P2A2 ) Conduct emergency drills at national level ( P2A3 ) Develop education programs in schools about the resilience action plan ( P2A4 ) Assess and refine the training programs
Infrastructure & Resources Reliability of Cis and their interdependences ( I1 ) ( I1A1 ) Develop flexibility measures
Resources to build up resilience and to response ( I2 ) ( I2A1 ) Promote and provide incentives for initiatives that contribute to building resilience ( I2A2 ) Implement centralised control of coordination of critical resources and activities during shocks and stresses ( I2A3 ) Encourage stakeholders to have appropriate insurance coverage ( I2A4 ) Promote and provide incentives for the development of sustainable urban infrastructures
Cooperation Development of partnerships with city stakeholders ( C1 ) ( C1A1 ) Align the objectives of different stakeholders and develop a common understanding of resilience ( C1A2 ) Develop formal partnerships between academic and scientific entities to improve the resilience building process ( C1A3 ) Undertake public consultations to receive feedback on the resilience action plan ( C1A4 ) Develop a public communication platform to interact with stakeholders
Involvement in resilience networks of cities ( C2 ) ( C2A1 ) Join a major network of European cities ( C2A2 ) Develop formal partnerships with regional stakeholders

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.