Risk Systemicity Questionnaire





Lead Partner

University of Strathclyde


Susan Howick, Colin Eden, Igor Pyrko (University of Strathclyde)


Josune Hernantes, Leire Labaka (TECNUN)

Amy Rankin, Henrik Eriksson (LiU)

This deliverable reports on the construction of the Risk Systemicity Questionnaire (RSQ) which is one of five tools that shall form new European Management Guideline developed as part of the Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) project. The RSQ contributes to building city resilience through a focus on risk assessment and preparedness for future risks. The originality of the RSQ is in its attention to risk systemicity. Risk systemicity takes account of how risks form dynamic networks and emphasises that risks should be considered as affecting one another, rather than being seen as independent and isolated from one another. As a result, the RSQ offers an important contribution to research and practice with respect to risk assessment and building city resilience, as well as to the EU Guidelines with respect to Risk Assessment and Mapping for Disaster Management.

This deliverable describes how the RSQ fits into the overall aims of the SMR project, how it was constructed through an iterative process engaging city stakeholders, what features it comprises of, and how it is expected to be used in cities. The RSQ is positioned as a tool for facilitating group discussion focussing on the interactions between risks that come from different risk areas, and so this tool is particularly well suited for interdisciplinary collaboration. Consequently, this deliverable, by offering a comprehensive report on the RSQ, may be helpful for anyone wishing to enhance their cities’ risk assessment processes by thinking more intentionally about risk systemicity.











This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653569.